Matt Glanville

Hello! I make video games.


Smart As...

Brain training game with social connectivity
Game Designer at Climax Studios (14 months)
PlayStation Vita
23rd October 2012

Designed and iterated on a collection of 20 mini-games and parts of the overall game structure.

Wrote design documents on the project’s wiki, then worked closely with programmers and artists to see each mini-game through to alpha quality for monthly milestones.

Communicated design direction throughout the team in the lead designer’s absence.

Chiefly responsible for all the game’s audio implementation (sound effects, music and voice-over). This involved liaising with an outsourcing audio company, managing assets and cueing sound up to animations and gameplay events in Kismet.

Played a key role in managing, writing and implementing the game’s message prompt system (over 400 voice-over clips and text strings).

Various polish work on the interface flow, tutorials, camera transitions, object behaviours/animations, etc.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

• Third-person cover shooter based on the film license
Level Designer at EA Bright Light (4 months)
Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 / Wii / PC
12th July 2011

Initially worked on the Wii port. I was tasked with investigating ways to adapt the game to the technical constraints of the hardware. For example, using scripted enemy AI behaviours to give the impression of a battle that was larger than it really was.

I was later responsible for taking early designs for two of the game’s boss battles (Amycus & Alecto, and the final duel against Voldemort) and implementing them using in-house tools.

During this stage I had the opportunity to propose my own changes to the structure and flow of the battles. These changes were approved and I worked closely with the engineering team to implement and balance them.


Physics puzzle game based on pause/resume gameplay
Level designer at EA Bright Light (4 months)
Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 / Wii / PC
12th November 2010

Blocking out level shapes to support a wide variety of challenges, including user-created content.

Design and implementation of physics challenges.

Setting up a library of objects with physics properties and creating 2D collision meshes in Maya.

Setting up camera stings for level overviews and challenge introductions.

Thoroughly play-testing and supporting QA for alpha, beta and final deadlines.

Creating video content for promotional material.


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